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What is Rummy Tile(Okey)?

Rummy Tile is the most popular game currently; the game starts with 14 tiles for each player and each turn you are getting a new tile which you should play with the game’s rules. When you finish your tiles on your board which is according to the rules. Who finished his tiles first can win the game. In Okey, strategic thinking is needed as much as luck for success. Players can take advantage if they follow the outcast tiles of other players. This game is the most played board game in the Middle East. Rummy Tile can be playable with 2, 3, or 4 people, also you can play as pairs with 4 people.
Okey Muhabbet, one of the most played board games of all time, is the first mobile application in the world that allows voice chat. In Okey Muhabbet, where hundreds of thousands of people are active at the same time. You can chat as in the physical environment while playing Okey Muhabbet. You can play and spend your time with your friends. Although you can catch the opportunity of meeting new people. Okey Muhabbet; The World’s first boards game with voice chat!
You can quickly enter the fun World of the Okey Muhabbet without searching for a table, or you can start playing at one of the tables with the features which is joining the table. If you have enough experience, you can create your room to play and chat with other players. If you want to play with your friend; You have a Create Private Room option that is there for it. Moreover, if you take a place in the weekly and monthly Leader Board, you can have a chance to win one of the surprise prizes. You can add your friends and players who you want to play with together, and you can continue to play with them later.
101 Muhabbet, one of the most played board games of all time, is the first mobile application in the world that allows voice chat. In 101 Muhabbet, where hundreds of thousands of people are active at the same time. You can chat as in the physical environment while playing 101 Muhabbet. You can play and spend your time with your friends. Although you can catch the opportunity of meeting new people. 101 Muhabbet; The World’s first boards game with voice chat! See more...
Rummikub is a beloved board game played all around the world. It’s played between 2 to 4 people. The player starts with 14 tiles and the goal is to create sets of 3 or more tiles in accordance to the rules. The sets that are placed down earn the player points that are then added up. Rummikub has won the game of the year award in three different countries. See more...
If a tile is missing, the game is broken! After a long work, our designer turned the collection of 106 tiles of Okey Muhabbet and 101 Muhabbet games into a great crypto collection. This collection consists of 9,999 NFT artworks randomly generated from more than 256.000 combinations. Made with Ethereum Blockchain technology, 99 of these artworks are unique. Various surprise gifts will be presented by Manc to the collectors who can create various variations. See more...
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What is Okey Muhabbet? Okey Muhabbet is the world's first voice chat Rummy Tile game. Whether you are playing Rummy Tile with your friends or people you have just met, you will be able to have a voice chat at the same time, and if you take a place in the weekly and monthly rankings, you will be able to win various prizes.
How can I buy gold if I run out of it while playing Okey Muhabbet? Don't let your game be left unfinished! If you run out of gold while playing in Okey Muhabet, your game enjoyment will not be interrupted; You can continue the game by purchasing gold from Google Play or AppStore by pressing the 'Get Gold' button in the upper left corner of the game screen.
How to Play Okey Muhabbet? Okey Muhabbet is the mobile version of the classic board Rummy Tile game. The same rules applied while playing at the table are also valid in this mobile game; In this game, which can be played with 2, 3, and 4 people, each player is given 14 tiles and one of the players is given 15 tiles. The remaining pieces of the game set consisting of 106 pieces are placed on the table upside down so that their numbers are not visible. Each tile consists of 4 different colors from 1 to 13. There are only 2 tiles of the same color and the same number, and there are 2 false tiles that you can use instead of the actual joker tile in the game. The player who sorts his tiles according to the rules of the game wins.
Acting Against Community Guidelines and Reporting Players Okey Muhabbet team uses various filters to detect users who violate the community rules. Users who violate rules, cheat or behave against the community rules will be detected and warned or banned according to their violation. If you think a player is behaving against the community rules, you can send your complaint to us by clicking the 'Report' button by clicking on the player's profile.
My Access to the Game is Restricted What Can I Do? As the Okey Muhabbet team, we first warn and then block users who do not follow the community rules. We strive to keep Okey Muhabbet as a reliable gaming platform. We detect and block people who behave in a way that will disturb the people in the room during the game, those who violate the community rules, and users who make racist or sexist statements. If you think the penalty given is wrong, you can contact our support team here.
How is the Reward System in Okey Muhabbet? By using the 'Create a Table' feature in Okey Muhabbet, you can determine the amount of the prize as well as the start of the game at a table with a decided amount of the prize. In each game, the amount of gold decided at the beginning of the game is transferred from players at the table to the safe; The player who wins the game earns the gold after decreasing the safe’s share. The player who ends up with an actual joker or ends up with pairs wins the gold accumulated in the safe.
Is There an Indicator in Okey Muhabbet? In Okey Muhabbet, the indicator rule is not applied.
How to play pairs in Okey Muhabbet? You can go pairs by arranging all 14 tiles in your hand in a duplicate of the same color. E.g; You must arrange all the tiles in the form of Yellow 2-2, Blue 8-8, Black 6-6, in a pair of the same color and the same number. Beware of! If you think that you will be finished by going pairs, don't forget to press the 'Go Pairs' button or you will not be able to finish the hand and explode the bank.
How to go pairs in Okey Muhabbet? If you are not playing pairs, you can arrange your pieces in two ways, you can make a pair of different colors of the same value, or you can create a pair of the same color and serial numbers. These pairs must consist of at least 3 pieces. For example, the same value is different color screen yellow 7 red 7 blue 7 and black 7, pairs can be created as 1-2-3-4 from the same color in pairs created in series. An exception is the series made of the same color is that a man worth 1 can be placed after the pairs made in the form of 11-12-13.
How Can I Finish Game? After you arrange the tiles in your hand according to the rules of the game, you can show your hand and get the prize on the table. To show your hand, when it's your turn to play, it is enough to leave the outcast tile in your hand on the tile in the middle of the game screen.
Another User Is Disturbing Me How Do I Report It? Okey Muhabbet team punishes those who do not comply with the rules of the community. By clicking on the profile of the person who is bothering you, you can click the 'Report' button and send your complaint to us.
Others Don't Hear My Voice What Can I Do? If you think that your sound does not hear by other players during the game, check that your 'Microphone' setting is turned on in the game settings. If you're still having problems, make sure you allow the microphone access of the Okey Muhabbet application in your phone settings.
I Do Not Want to Hear Other Users' Voices What Can I Do? If you do not want to hear the voice of a certain user, you can press the 'Mute' button next to the personal information of the relevant user. If you want to mute the entire table, you can turn the sounds on or off from the settings section in the upper right corner.
How Can I Edit My Profile Information? On the main screen of Okey Muhabbet, you can edit your personal information by clicking the profile section in the upper right corner. If you fill in all the information completely, you will earn 5.000 gold coins.
How can I invite a friend to the game? You can invite your online friends to the game by clicking the 'Invite a Friend' button in the upper right corner of the game screen. If you don't have a friend online at that time, you can view other active users in the game and send them invitations.
What is False Joker? It is the tile that does not have a number on it, which is used instead of the tiles that turn into Actual Joker in that game.
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